How To Submit Free Event Form

Step 1: Personal details

In the fields shown below:

  • Enter your company name and PIN (Not Required Fields)
  • Enter your name,
  • Enter your email and
  • Enter your phone number 

Step 2: Event details

Enter the event details such as:

  • An image of the poster for the event

This information needs to enter in the fields shown in the image below:

NB: Add eTickets Logo On Your Poster

Below is the link to download the eTickets logo. You have to use the eTickets logo on your posters as a partner.

Click Here eTicket Main Logo

Click Here eTicket Alternate Logo (Full White)

Here are links to see examples of poster sizes, designs you can give your designer to be able to create the same size posters.

Poster image example –

Step 4: Terms and Condition, Submit

Finally, after entering all the required details:

  • Click the terms and condition checkbox,
  • Then the “I’m not a robot” text box and
  • Then the submit button.

Step 5: Submit Your Form Now ->