Terms And Conditions

  1. Tickets are sold on behalf of the event organizer or promoter and may be subject to additional conditions of admission to the event.
  2. Ticket holders buy the event ticket at will. eTickets will not be responsible loss, damage or injury arising from a pre-existing medical condition or due to breach of these conditions.
  3. Advertised programs may be varied without notice. Artists may be added, withdrawn or substituted for performances and the right to vary prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity is reserved by the Glasshouse and hirers.
  4. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  5. Tickets are subject to no refund or exchange. In some instances such as cancelled events refunds for performance tickets may be reversable in accordance with the agreement with the event owner. Exchanges of tickets, or the replacement of lost, stolen or missing allocated seating  tickets may be permitted under certain conditions and fees may apply. General Admission tickets will not be reissued.
  6. eTickets reserves the right to charge transaction fees for bookings in addition to the standard ticket price as well as administration fees for tasks such as ticket exchanges, ticket reissues and other associated administrative tasks.
  7. Bookings are subject to availability and no guarantee is made that specific seating requests will be available at time of booking.
  8. Where an age restriction or recommendation applies to an event, patrons will be advised accordingly. Under 18’s will not be permitted admission to an event that is Restricted 18+. eTickets  is not liable for any offence that may be caused by show content, where an age recommendation is in place, and has not been adhered to by ticket purchasers.
  9. eTickets has no control over the content, images or any other material in any form used by Event Owners and thus is not liable in any respect whatsoever.
  10. eTickets does not endorse or accept any responsibility for contents, images or any other material used by Event Owners.
  11. Terms and conditions remain in effect even when the ticket changes hands. The reselling of a ticket or a breach of the terms and conditions, does not nullify the terms and conditions of the original ticket sale. Any subsequent ticket holder is bound by those terms and conditions.
  12. Ticket may not be resold for commercial packages or at a premium. If a ticket sold is in breach of this condition, the bearer of the ticket may be refused admission.
  13. If a performance is cancelled due to an act of God, natural disaster, adverse weather or for any other cause reasonably beyond the eTickets control, there is no right of refund or exchange, and no obligation is assured by eTickets for the arranging of a substitute service, event or performance.